5 of the Best Must Have Doggy products!


There seems to be endless amounts  of weird and wonderful products in the pet store, most which  maybe be used a once or twice and either break or are designated to the long-term storage cupboard. Never to see the light of day again! But once in a blue moon you come across a new gizmo that you swear you couldn’t live without! So without further ado i bring to you, my list of top five essential doggy must haves!


Poo Bag dispenser.

Those pesky blighters! If you don’t get your poo bags organised they end up coming out of your ears! Always finding them in every coat bag and pocket? Take control and round them up into one place you can easily attach to your pooch’s lead, ready for when duty calls!



Tuffies  Waterproof Dog Bed.

What a life saver! These beds are what they say on the tin tough! No more ripped up beds and stuffing dispersed around the room! These beds are very comfortable come in a variety of sizes. Also easy to wipe clean and water proof for all those little accidents, dribbles and who knows what!



Flashing Collar.

Save yourself from raking around in the bushes on a cold winters night after your dogs done a runner! These compact flashing and reflective collars allow you to quickly  spot your misbehaving mutt.



Dog place mat.

Tired of hearing those dog biscuits pinging around your floor and shooting underneath the cupboards. Get one of these for your messy eater and they’ll probably do the cleaning up themselves!



Dirt Trapper.

Say no more to the muddy paw! These mats really are incredible at sucking up dirt and will probably save you some time cleaning up those paw prints every time you let them back in from the garden.



I hope these products serve you and your pooch well, thanks for reading! I have not been endorsed by any of these business or products, and all material is my honest unbiased opinion. Please feel free to share this list with our doggy friends, and let me know in the comments your top pooch products!

More to come, watch this space!





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